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What we can do

Development of Sewing Equipment System

From cutting to sewing, we have state of the art technology of world class level and extensive lineup of products.

XYθ Electric Programmable Perfect Stitch Pattern Sewing Machine

Perfect stitching is realized with the head area vertically split and driven with synchronicity.

Automatic Perimeter Sewing Machine for DAB

Matsuya original chain stitching sewing machine with max revolution of 4000 rpm built in.

LL size Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine

Wide range of patterns are easily programmable. Even wide areas can be sewn with high quality and high efficiency.

Laser Cutting Machine

High precision layered cutting is possible. With the 2500W type over 25 fabrics and with the 4000W type over 40 fabrics at one time, thereby minimizing maintenance cost.

Silicon Pasting Machine

High speed and high precision is realized. Accurate press work is possible with a high speed servo motor.

Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with Triple Size Full-Rotary Hook

This sewing machine with accurate thread cutting, equipped with bottom thread remaining amount detection device and stitch skipping detection device is perfect for airbags.

Automatic Bobbin Winder

At the end of the wind when handling the thread, it will not unravel. Prevents waste by measuring thread length. Maintains constant tension.

Case example

  • Luxury Sports Shoes
  • Luxury Bags
  • Denim Automated Line
  • Luxury Leather Cover for Smartphones

Japanese made towels, anti-freezing devices for aircraft wings, seats for cruising boats, dashboards, car mats

Development of 3D sewing system by robots

Entered the IT sector with the development of a general-purpose programming software for 3D sewing robots with a vision system.

Contract to Produce Sewing Products

Vietnam (Bien Hoa)

Production commenced 2008

Takahata Co.,Ltd.

Myanmar (Yangon)

Production commenced 2016

Case example

  • Car Seats
  • Luxury Sofa Covers

Blood pressure monitor arm bands, curtain airbags, various holders, car straps, massage equipment

High production efficiency will become a reality with the design of our production line using our own technology

  • Cutting Division
  • Printing Division
  • Welding Division
  • Sewing Division
  • Quality Control Division

Automatic Sewing Machine Business

Years of experience and knowledge in the industry
We have over 30 years experience in the sewing precision machine industry and possess excellent automation, energy-saving technology and many patents, thereby contributing to the improvement of our customers’ productivity.

The only company in the industry with all processes in place, from cutting to sewing.

  • Cutting Machine Laser Cutting Machine
  • Glue Pasting Silicon Pasting Machine
  • Sewing Machine Various High End Automated Sewing Machines
  • Final Process Folding Machine, Air Leak Detection Device etc.

We have many other Matsuya original machines we have specially designed.

We have customers from all over Asia including Japan using our products
We have leading share in all Asian countries including Japan with many customers using our products, therefore its reliability is assured. (Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Other Asian Countries)


With our wide range of products, state of the art technology, high quality born from
over 30 years of experience and excellent value for many products, we have
many results in the airbag/seatbelt manufacturing equipment business.

Our strength is the experience gained from years of
industry existence, large product lineup
and highly functional products.
  • High
  • High
  • Cost
Contributing to our customers’ productivity improvement!

Other Technical Support

Look for possibilities first rather than say NO!
Our strength is teamwork with planning, development and manufacturing working as one.

We can provide a machine without compromise. This surety and development capability leads to patents.

  • Stitch skipping detection device (All vertical Kamamoto stitching sewing machines)
  • Reducing the burden on the thread and the base fabric using needle bar cooling device
  • Improving precision and reliability by combining sewing machine and laser
  • Suture safety with perfect stitch
  • Various reliable thread cutting device
  • Preventing stitch skipping and sewing mistakes at the beginning of the stitch
  • Bobbin thread standard size device (1700mm±40mm)
  • Bobbin thread screw device
  • Set mechanism with foolproof sensors
  • Stabilization of suture pitches

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