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matuya R&D

A state of the Art AI Sewing Robot and System suite?
Leave it to us at "Matsuya R&D"

We strive to develop sewing systems and machines
whilst creating products with technology that responds to any request.
Through our contributions to the “safety equipment and health industries”,
we endeavor to continue supporting your company and society at large.

News Releases

We have created a CG image for an airbag to be used in Aircars (flying car).
1.The principle behind this airbag is the same as our drone-use-airbag.(Patent Approved)
2.This airbag prevents rapid sinking in the event that a car were to fall into water.
3.This airbag also reduces any damage received by falling on dry-land.
4.By using helium gas for this airbag, falling speed has also been reduced.
5.We aim to have the development of this project completed by the end of the next fiscal year.
Exhibition: Japan Drone 2020
Date: 29th to 30th September, 2020 10:00AM ~ 6:00PM
Place: Makuhari Messe International exhibition hall
Notice of our new machine.
We launched the first new twin-head laser cutting machine for airbags and hazmat suit in Japan.
Notice of a social contribution activities of our group company.
On 18 July 2020, Matsuya R&D (Vietnam)Co., Ltd. worked on a social contribution activities in Dong Nai.
Exhibition: Texprocess Americas 2020
Exhibition: Texprocess Americas 2020 is postponed as below
Date: 17th to 19th May, 2022
Place: Atlanta Georgia USA
The airbag for drone image video
Check the following video of the airbag for drone patented in Taiwan.
Notice of Patent Approval
Our developing airbag for drone officially obtained a patent in Taiwan.
Notice of a patent of the airbag for drone (in Taiwan) (PDF)
Notice of our manufactured mask.
Myanmar's authorities approved production and export of face masks for Matsuya R&D (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd..
Matsuya R&D (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Begins made-to-order hazmat suit and isolation gown production.
Released the automatic producing machine for the medical clean cap.
Released the laser cutting machine for manufacturers of hazmat suit or mask.
Matsuya R&D Co., Ltd. listed in the TSE Mothers.

Features of Matsuya R&D Business

To attain High-quality
and Low-cost manufacturing

To attain the Development of
Automatic Sewing Machine

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